About Our Classes:

Sri Dharma's practice is known as "Shiva Namaskar"-- salutations to the divine within, which includes vinyasa or flow, stationary poses, inversions and a thorough floor sequence for all levels; titled on our schedule "Dharma" Gentle, Dharma 1, Dharma 2, Dharma 3, Dharma 4 and Master Class. The sequences are directly passed down from Sri Dharma. All teachers at Dharma Yoga LA have earned certification and studied with Sri Dharma Mittra. The practice is deep and meditative all at the same time, a stairway to bliss that reintegrates the continuous flow of prana (cosmic energy, life force) through the spinal column, emanating into all areas of the self. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually you will be blessed by the practice. The only requirement? Be receptive.



Practice note from Sri Dharma Mittra: It's a mistake to expect benefits from any pose. Expectations make you restless because if you fail to get what you expect, you feel miserable. Yoga practice is an act of adoration to the Lord. You do it because it has to be done. If you have this mental attitude, your selfishness disappears and the benefits come.

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